Day 251: Trump and Pence “Strange”ly Try to Rewrite “Moore” History

After the Republican primary in Alabama, a change of tune happened quickly.

In the days and weeks leading up to the Alabama Republican primary for the vacant Senate seat, Donald Trump and Mike Pence stumped for Luther Strange, the man temporarily in the seat until the December election. They gave speeches and they tweeted their support. Hell, they both held rallies for him in Alabama within the past week.

Well, after controversial former Alabama judge Roy Moore won the seat — a man who has implied that 9/11 was the result of the godlessness in Americans’ lives— the Trump team changed their tune.

It’s not unsurprising that Trump and Pence would support whichever Republican won, but it is odd that they are seemingly trying to scrub the past.

For instance, Trump deleted many of his tweets supporting Strange, despite holding a rally in Huntsville, Alabama just days ago.

Trump had tweeted about Strange several times in the days leading up to the primary, including the day of, but those tweets had disappeared as of Tuesday night.
The deleted tweets included those he sent the night before the election and the day of the race. A project from ProPublica documents the deleted tweets.

Pence, meanwhile, who was just in Alabama touting Strange, immediately tweeted as the results rolled in:

So now the guy Trump didn’t want to win was running on the #MAGA agenda?

Many on the far right believe that Trump secretly wanted Moore to win. But even if that’s true, trying to erase or rewrite history, something Trump has a history of trying to do — see, for example, Trump’s inauguration crowd size or Trump’s opinions about the Iraq war — is just silly. Maybe he hopes to avoid more people realizing that he took his first loss backing a politico in 2017, but for a man that demands loyalty, it certainly appears as though he’ll dump you as quickly as possible.

251 days in, 1211 to go

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