Day 275: Trump on Tax Reform: I Got a Super Bowl Ring Last Month

Donald Trump sat down for an interview with Maria Baritromo from — and this may shock you — Fox.

Trump’s answers — and this may shock you — were largely incoherent.

Take, for example, this gem:

This is completely unintelligible. Trump is asked about tax cuts to the uber-wealthy and answers:

“I’m very happy with the way I’ve done part of this in my civilian life.”

“Well, it’s about me representing rich people. Representing — being representative of rich people.”

Then, Trump abruptly shifts to discussing a specific rich person, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, giving him a Super Bowl ring which Trump — as required by law — gave to be stored with other gifts to elected leaders.

Baritromo seems impressed and satisfied by that answer.

275 days in, 1187 to go

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