Day -36: Trump Hypocrisy Comes Full Circle on Press Conferences and Russia

I know, I know it feels like you’ve only heard about Donald Trump for the last two years. The stories have been both positive, negative and neutral. So clearly that means the press has had plenty of opportunities to cover him like past politicians, right?

Umm, no.

140 days since Trump’s last press conference. Press conferences are crucial so that all members of the press — left, right, center, local, national, international, print, online, television — get the opportunity to ask unfiltered questions. One can’t just appear on Fox News or call into Morning Joe and get softballs lobbed for 15 minutes. Open communication is vital, even if that means answering tough questions.

If only someone had been outspoken about the need for more press conferences from our politicians.


But at least we’re hearing from Trump in some capacity, right? And at least he’s saying things that make some semblance of sense, yes?

Well, today, after taking a potshot at yet another reporter, he asked:

You may remember, he has previously expressed real skepticism of the Russians’ involvement. During a presidential debate he posited that a nebulous 400-pound man may have been the source of the leak.

Now he blames the White House for not acting.

Trump is a man of action, however, and he has not hesitated to speak out about Russian hackers.

Oh, damn.

-36 days in, 1497 to go

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