Day 46: Donald Trump Again Profits $50,000+ in a Single Weekend

Total profit for the president should easily exceed a quarter of a million dollars since Election Day

As we’ve written many times before, Donald Trump is making serious coin every time he or his family travels and stays at a Trump-owned or Trump-branded property.

Basing numbers on Barack Obama travel accommodations, as well as average net profit on high end hotel rooms (for reference, staying at Mar-a-Lago can exceed $1,000 per night), we figured that Donald Trump personally profits well over $50,000 every time he travels to Mar-a-Lago.

It’s quite simple, as we wrote on Day 31:

Remember the $50,000 in lodging costs per day for the Secret Service? During the Obamas’ 2015 Hawaiian vacation, 67 percent of the money was spent at one hotel — presumably where the Obamas were staying. So let’s use that same 67 percent of lodging revenue as allocated to Mar-a-Lago.
Basic math says $50,000 per day in total Secret Service lodging revenue x 67 percent allocated to Mar-a-Lago= $33,500 per day in gross revenue to Mar-a-Lago just from renting rooms to Secret Service.
At 40 percent net profit, Mar-a-Lago — and, thus, Donald Trump — clears $13,400 per day, just from lodging the Secret Service. (Again, we still aren’t including traveling staff members.)
But lodging is far from the only revenue stream available to Mar-a-Lago when Trump is in town.
If government employees eat or drink on the property and properly expense it? Mar-a-Lago collects. Trump profits.
If the government rents a Mar-a-Lago owned vehicle (car, golf cart, etc.)? Mar-a-Lago collects. Trump profits.
If the government rents meeting rooms? Mar-a-Lago collects. Trump profits.
You get the picture.
Over a short three day jaunt — unless Trump is allowing Secret Service and his staff to take over Mar-a-Lago for free (and when is the last time he forwent a dollar?) — Trump is profiting well over $50,000 on the taxpayers’ dime.

Well, Donald Trump went down to Mar-a-Lago again this past weekend for the fourth time in his brief presidency. He brought his contingent with him, played golf and hobnobbed with wealthy members paying $200,000 initiation fees for the privilege.

All that talk about Trump’s rough weekend?

He wasn’t seeing red.

He was seeing more green.

All in, considering Donald, Jr. and Eric’s recent trip to Vancouver to open another hotel, previous expeditions around the globe, and the Mar-a-Lago trips, Donald Trump has likely easily exceeded $250,000 in personal profit since Election Day. A Politico report indicated that some Secret Service members stay at Mar-a-Lago even when Trump isn’t there.

And yes, all of this is at the taxpayers’ expense.

46 days in, 1416 to go

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