Day 658: Republicans at the federal and state level continue to stomp on the Constitution

The irony of Republicans claiming that they are bastions of the Constitution is forever apparent, as Donald Trump and the GOP have ignored obvious emoluments clause issues every day for two years and Republicans are already lashing out at Democrats for indicating they’ll check-and-balance the executive office when they take over the House of Representative in January.

But that’s not all. Not even close.

First, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is slandering a reporter in one breath and tweeting out doctored videos from a conspiracy-obsessed, far-right wing website in the next like a propagandist.

Not only does it appear as though the First Amendment is a mere suggestion Sanders and her boss — as it has for years — they have reverted to lying about a readily observable event to make a reporter look bad.

As for voting, Republicans aren’t a fan of that either.

In Florida, slow ballot-counting procedures in massive counties have caused Republicans to lash out and claim vast subterfuge meant to steal elections.

There’s the junior Senator, Marco Rubio, finally taking a stand about something, though it just so happens it’s about the most undemocratic thing imaginable.

There’s also the current governor and Senate candidate, Rick Scott who is seething about all of the votes being counted and is using his power as governor to try and pressure election officials.

Apparently nervous, Trump couldn’t help but stoke the conspiratorial flames.

Similarly, in Arizona, Republicans don’t want absentee votes counted either, despite the fact that three-quarters of the state mails in their ballots. In fact, they’ve already filed a lawsuit to prevent some Arizonans from having their votes counted.

In Georgia, there are separate voting issues. Months after purging state voter rolls and days after leveling unsubstantiated criminal accusations at his opponent, Brian Kemp is still wearing two hats: gubernatorial candidate and secretary of state overseeing the election. Despite the obvious conflict of interest, he has refused to recuse himself.

The party of suppression — both free speech and voter? Absolutely.

The party of the Constitution? Hardly.

658 days in, 804 to go

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