Day -66: Apparently the People Elected a Trump-Trump-Trump-Trump-Pence Ticket

Donald Trump, the president-elect with no clothes, seems overwhelmed by the magnitude of his pending job just a week out from the election. We already have a nut that has a seat at the president-elect’s table, stories abound from the inner circle that he and his team had no idea they had to hire White House staff, and a general lack of respect for first amendment principles by attacking the freedom of the press and the freedom of assembly.

Now, Trump apparently wants top secret clearance for his children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric and son-in law Jared Kushner. Despite the children saying over and over that they would hold no formal roles in the White House (something anti-nepotism rules prevent anyway), they apparently need top secret clearance for…well, there’s really good reason. Such a request seems virtually unprecedented.

Making it more laughable is that all of Trump’s children are under the age of 40 and have little real world experience in this realm to speak of. None have worked in government, none have served in the military, none have showed a passion for public service outside of their own foundations and, most importantly, none were elected President.

Donald Trump, who largely shouted conspiracy theories and stayed on Fox News during his campaign, has not bothered to learn much of anything about the way this country runs since starting his campaign. It seems as president Trump will go down the same path, relying on others to run the machine while he takes the credit or deflects the blame. (This is something the John Kasich campaign asserts they were asked to do: run the country while Trump “made America great again.”)

At a minimum, Trump wants his children’s voices heard on issues which have the potential to shape policy issues for generations to come. He wants their aid despite the anti-nepotism rules and huge potential conflicts of interest as they run Trump’s business ventures. All the while, no one bats an eye and no Republican has the spine to speak out against it.

The people elected a Trump-Pence ticket, but what they’re getting looks like it’ll be a Trump-Trump-Trump-Trump-Pence ticket.

-66 days in, 1527 to go.

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