Day 67: Trump played more golf this weekend while his team and Fox News tried to cover it up

According to borderline state-run television Fox News, Donald Trump spent all weekend working at the White House.

For some reason, this propaganda was pushed as a “News Alert” at 5:30 pm on a Sunday.

It was also demonstrably false.

While Trump’s staff insisted he was just there for meetings, photos show otherwise.

There’s nothing wrong with a president taking some time off from the job and playing a round of golf or enjoying other leisure activity.

The problems are:

  1. Donald Trump promised he wouldn’t.

2. His administration is constantly lying to the American people to craft a false image of Trump.

3. He’s playing way too often: he’s played golf on 18 percent of his days in office. At this rate, he will roughly double Barack Obama’s golf rounds.

4. He’s doing so exclusively at Trump-owned properties, presumably to drive up exposure (and thus, profits) for himself and those courses.

Making America great again 18 holes at a time, it appears.

67 days in, 1395 to go

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