Day 87: Donald Trump has profited $335,000 solely from Secret Service staying at Mar-a-Lago while he’s there

Today is already Donald Trump’s 25th day spent at his private resort, Mar-a-Lago.

We have previously reported just how much Trump profits on these visits. On Day 16 we did the math on how much Trump profits on the backs of American taxpayers every time he goes to Mar-a-Lago:

Basic math says $50,000 per day in total Secret Service lodging revenue x 67 percent allocated to Mar-a-Lago= $33,500 per day in gross revenue to Mar-a-Lago just from renting rooms to Secret Service.
At 40 percent net profit, Mar-a-Lago — and, thus, Donald Trump — clears $13,400 per day, just from lodging the Secret Service. (Again, we still aren’t including traveling staff members.)

$13,400 x 25 days = $335,000

Donald Trump has now profited approximately $335,000 just from Secret Service staying at Mar-a-Lago when he is there.

This figure excludes the profit Trump makes from Secret Service staying there when he is elsewhere (though we know there is a 24/7/365 presence of Secret Service at Mar-a-Lago, we have no way of even guessing how many agents are there at those times), the profit he makes from staff members traveling with him and staying on property (he has previously traveled with dozens of members of his team), other expenses (such as food, golf cart rentals or meeting room rentals), membership or initiation fees (which have risen from $100,000 to $200,000), and profit from other first family travel to Mar-a-Lago or other Trump-branded properties (Donald Jr. and Eric, for instance, continue traveling the world and staying at such properties and opening new ones).

The rich get richer on the backs of taxpayers.

87 days in, 1375 to go

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