Day 957: Trump’s Tuesday: 24 tweets, 2 brief meetings

Sep 4 · 1 min read

Donald Trump’s aversion to actual work reared its head again Tuesday. After a three day weekend filled with golf — after a canceled trip to Poland — Trump apparently needed more of a break.

The only items on his calendar were an intelligence briefing and a meeting with Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. His day didn’t begin until almost noon and was done by 4 pm.

That left plenty of “executive time” to scratch itchy Twitter fingers. Over a whopping 24 tweets and retweets, Trump played meteorologist, complained about the Federal Reserve, attacked the mayor of London, blasted the FBI and continued to rant about the Robert Mueller probe.

Trump’s interests beyond golf and Twitter have waned to new lows. Save for a random tweet swearing that a southern border wall is being built — even though no new wall is being constructed — Trump seems to simply be waiting for the 2020 election to keep him occupied.

957 days in, 505 to go

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TrumpTimer watches, tracks and reports about Donald Trump and his administration’s policies every day. TrumpTimer is also counting down until January 20, 2021.

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