Travel Shoes: Three Tips to Maximize Your Loafers

Modern technology allows us to get from New York to Los Angeles in less than six hours. However, we apparently can’t figure out how to detect funny business within one’s shoes unless they’re removed before going through airport security.

We always recommend wearing loafers when traveling for business. This may seem like an obvious choice given that loafers are easily slipped off, however, there’s more to travel shoes than ease of removal. By paying close attention to your toes, soles, and heels, you’ll be able to get the most out of your loafers while on the road.

A tip on toes:
Due to their chameleon-like nature, we recommend wearing narrow-toed loafers when traveling for business. When paired with a suit, narrow-toed loafers take on the form of full-on dress shoes, and when paired with jeans, they’ll complement your casual look just as well — making for an easy transition from the boardroom to the barstool.

Find your sole:
Generally speaking, leather-soled shoes are dressier and more business appropriate. That said — as you can see in the image above — there are rubber-soled options that stack up just as well against their leather-soled colleagues. Plus, the added traction of rubber soles will serve you well when sprinting to your gate.

On the heels:
If you don’t have a shoehorn handy while traveling — most of us don’t — we have a quick solution: use your belt as a replacement. Using a shoehorn, or a belt in this case, will protect against heel damage and greatly increase the lifespan of your loafers. Like shoes, belts also have to be removed at security check, so you might as well put yours to good use before putting it back on.

On your next business trip, leave the lace-ups behind. Loafers provide the most style with the least amount of struggle.