TrustLogics & Government of Curaçao Join Hands to Unveil Pilot Program

Tony, Senior Management-Business Development, with Government officials of Curaçao.

TrustLogics notched up yet another milestone achievement by reaching an agreement with the Government of Curaçao to conduct a 12-month pilot. The overall goal of the pilot is to streamline the inefficiencies prevalent among Curaçao’s staffing and recruitment processes.

In 2017, Curaçao registered a population of more than 180,000, out of which only 63,000 were employed. More than 2,000 people lost their jobs in 2016 alone, with workers aged between 25–34 years suffering the worst.

By pursuing a 12-month pilot program, Curaçao and TrustLogics intend to:

• Eliminate or reduce the obstacles hindering the smooth recruitment of local talent.

• Eliminate the communication gap between job seekers and recruiters by promoting usage of TrustLogics platform.

• Create more opportunities for people to make meaningful professional connections and be considered for new job openings.

• Make sure job seekers and students from all backgrounds have a fair and equal shot at being considered for new openings.

• Organize and breakdown Curaçao’s pool of available talent according to industry, sector, skills, education, location, and availability.

• Identify the gaps in skills, and formulate educational curriculums or training programs on a sector-wise basis to bridge them.

• Formulate a Job Fair program which enables job seekers to connect with recruiters and companies for available jobs, regardless of their location or status (in-person, online, mobile, etc.).

With the ultimate goal of reducing national employment in mind, the Government of Curaçao and TrustLogics will harness their core capabilities in a synergistic manner to have a sustainable impact on the country’s job market.

For more details regarding the blockchain solution being developed by TrustLogics, please have a look at the Whitepaper or Website. You can also join our Telegram channel to get the latest news and updates about our project.

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