TrustLogics take on new ways companies can appeal to job-seekers!

TrustLogics take on how can companies appeal to job-seekers

Hiring is widely prevalent, and yet one of the most difficult processes. A bad hiring process can lead to the loss of a good candidate. A bad hire will not only cost a firm money and time, but will also lead to bad customer experience and depletion in the brand’s reputation. In today’s competitive industry, businesses need to take their hiring process to the next level. In order to do so, artificial intelligence(A.I.) and humans have to work side by side.

Here are some of the critical tips for the developing countries to improve their hiring process for attracting better candidates.

Optimizing job ads for the mobile devices

Companies don’t have much time, well neither does a candidate. A good candidate doesn’t always search for job vacancies on their laptops or PCs. Smartphone is the new device for that purpose, especially in the developing countries since smart phones are now much affordable.

The job portals/companies should create and optimize job ads for mobile phones, as candidates search for job vacancies on their phones on the go. This will not only attract better candidates but will also provide the firm a diverse pool of candidates across geographies.

Interactive videos can give candidates a new perspective of the firm

Interactive videos of the company for potential candidates can do wonders. Not only do they increase the interest of candidates but also help in bringing the company to life. It will also help candidates to get an insight into the company’s culture and history. In developing countries, where there are a lot of startups coming up, such videos build credibility for the company.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and analytics is the future of hiring

With everything being digitized and made autonomous, it is logical to utilize A.I. in the hiring process. There are many A.I. networks out there which end up doing 75% of the entire hiring work. They not only save a hiring manager’s time, but with good complimentary analytics data, candidates get refined.A.I. can also reduce the cost involved in the hiring process to help companies based in developing economies.

Being active on social media sites is always a boon

Good candidates are hard to come by, it won’t be wrong to assume that they are already employed elsewhere. But social media sites like LinkedIn are a boon for the companies that are looking for these candidates. This way the companies can hire good candidates according to the work, qualification and skills that the candidate has shared on these websites.

TrustLogics is revolutionizing the whole recruiting process with the help of Blockchain technology. Out aim is to make a common platform for authentic jobseekers, independent service providers, and employers. We want to connect verified candidates to employers and provide job notifications to jobseekers utilizing A.I. and Blockchain technology.

With everything being automated and verified in the TrustLogics network, we become a bridge that connects Service Requestors and Independent Service Providers (ISPs) like Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter and so on. ISPs won’t have to relay on . On the other hand, users will directly search on the TrustLogics network for any service provider, staying assured of ISP’s authenticity.

For developing countries, TrustLogics can be a boon as they can take advantage of its quick and low-cost services. Developing countries will be able to attract talent from around the globe for their startups. Also, these developing countries are home to many independent service providers (ISPs) who would get benefited by the deployment of this solution. TrustLogics has taken the next step towards a better recruiting process. It will be wise to be a part of it and reap the benefits they have to offer. To get the latest updates about the project, subscribe to the telegram channel here.