You’re Right Mr. President, We Need to Address “Voter Fraud”

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your election win. However, we know you are convinced that regardless, millions of ballots were illegally cast. You’ve made this point on more than one occasion, and as recent as this past Monday. As we think about it, we realize that one of the things that have made you such a business success are your hunches. So, we need to take your concerns seriously. We know you’ve read reports and seen data — all of which can be misconstrued by even the smartest of people. So, we more value your “sense” of this.

And we believe its time for you to act.

Of course, now that you are President, the world (well, at least any intellectually honest person) will demand more than hunches. They’re going to want evidence. Proof. Facts. So, we cannot express how excited we are that you are in a position to finally do something about this. You have the power to put the machinery in place to produce the evidence and track down the miscreants.

To do that, we need to update and upgrade our voting infrastructure. And there is a way to do that without spending the estimated $3B it will cost to re-outfit the entire nation’s voting infrastructure by 2020.

Essential to the operational continuity of our democracy are verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent elections. However, the technology our elections officials are forced to rely upon is based on 1990’s era personal computers (PCs). Its aged out, depending on a dwindling supply of spare parts, inherently vulnerable, and ripe for compromise by anyone from a foreign state actor to a “400 pound hacker” on the comfort of their couch.

Now, thankfully, the vast majority of these machines are not connected to the Internet. And thankfully, there are hard working dedicated elections staff doing all they can to manage polling places. And this nation is blessed by election officials working diligently to ensure processes and protocols are in place. And all of our States’ Secretaries are dedicated to election integrity (a super-majority of them Republican, if political party matters). So, the current system, as vulnerable and deteriorating as it is, relying on spare parts as it does, the backwater of Government I.T. that it has become, has hung in there for as long as it can with professionals doing the best they can.

How do I know this? Because I have spent the past 10-years becoming a subject matter expert in election technology; having built a 25-year career in computer engineering and technology development before that. And the team I am blessed to work with today has like-kind experience; seasoned in digital and information security.

However, you Sir, have a long track record of business success, obviously predicated on a venerable sixth sense about things. Thus, notwithstanding all of our work and the evidence we have of the efforts made by others to ensure election integrity, we conclude you are right, and now we need to get to the bottom of this election fraud issue. Here is where you can finally, after all these years, make the difference.

We are the OSET Institute, a nonprofit Silicon Valley election technology research and development organization. We are building publicly available election technology called ElectOS that will increase integrity, lower costs, and improve usability of voting systems. This technology will make absolutely certain that American citizens can vote on systems that are verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent in process. This public technology effort, combined with your mandate to put an end to rigged elections and voter fraud, can vastly improve the integrity of American elections going forward.

We (and several other projects) are performing the heavy lifting of research and development that the commercial industry has had no business incentive to perform. And that makes sense; its not profitable for them to do so. But our nonprofit work and other similar R&D efforts can rejuvenate their business model to deliver the results. And then we the people can increase our confidence in elections and their outcomes. After all, it’s no secret, Mr. President, your declarations haven shaken that confidence, in all Americans, to the bone.

Therefore, we encourage you to direct the appropriate officials in your Administration to closely examine our work and the work of several others seeking to increase election integrity, and then take all necessary steps to solve this pressing problem of failing election systems that are at the root of your (and now all of Americans) concerns. We would be honored to come and speak with your Administration about this in detail.

Let’s put new higher integrity systems in place that will enable evidence-based elections and allow us to not only detect fraud and determine its cause (and those responsible), but ideally, prevent it in the first place. This is pure and simple an infrastructure play — precisely the kind you acknowledge we need to make America great again.

Let’s fortify the election administration technology our nation’s elections directors, officials, and staff rely upon, combined with their hard work to ensure the legitimacy of our Nation’s elections.

One way to do this is to allocate a small amount of research and development dollars, perhaps through the Defense Department’s budget and its DARPA programs. After all, we can agree, Mr. President, this is tantamount to a national security matter. That modest R&D allocation, on the order of $50 to $100 million (.00017% of the $598 billion defense budget in 2016), could accelerate at least half a dozen research projects underway across this great nation to demonstratively increase election integrity and once and for all put an end to election fraud.

This will result in public technology that can catalyze American business to deliver it. That is, technology developed in the USA by the people, of the people, and for the people. This could be one of the many legacies of your Presidency.

Mr. President, let’s do this. Let’s make elections legitimate. Seriously.

Respectfully submitted,

Gregory A. Miller, Co-Founder
OSET Institute | TrustTheVote Project