The 10 bravest moments
Jessica Semaan

  1. Trust. The moment you let go, surrender to the universe you become innately patient. It’s that moment of clarity, where one realises the ability to control anything is just an illusion.
  2. Jump. Jumping into the abyss of the unknown. When you have no idea what could come out of what you are about to do, but you trust and jump anyway. You do it because you feel its right in the depths of your being, even if you’re rational mind fights against it.
  3. Be like water. When you learn that fear + fear = misery, more fear and misunderstanding turn to love. It is love in the presence of darkness = love. Sometimes people just need a little extra love you know? 
    “Be a lion, I will still be like water” — @nayyirahwaheed
  4. Look inwards. The world around you is a mirror of how you think. Acknowledge your thinking might be unhealthy to you and others, and work on it. “True salvation is to experience the joy of being that depends on nothing outside itself” — Eckhart Tolle
  5. Detach. Detach from people, places, and inanimate objects. Do not depend or try to posses anything external from your core being for joy. This will truly change your life. “Be open to all possibilities, but be attached to none.”
  6. Give everything. There is only love here, and there is only ever this moment, right now. Whats been has gone, what’s coming isn’t here yet, and neither exist. So give your all, your everything — right now. You have nothing to lose, nor anything to gain, just a life of joy, exploring your own truth and freedom.
  7. Get naked, be vulnerable. You are beautiful, as you are. Perfect, in all of your being and creation. Nothing you say or do has the ability to change that, only the way you think about what you do or say does. So stay vulnerable, stay honest, enjoy the feeling of your nakedness — 
    You are beautiful!
  8. Listen to your heart. Sometimes we just know. Even if it clashes with all logic and reason, and you have spoken to a jury of 99 people who say the opposite of what feels right to you, you know. So listen to your heart.
  9. Be patient. What will be will be, all you can do is enjoy, this moment as it is, right now. “Observe reality as it is, not how you would like it to be” — Vipassana
  10. Love. Love, and keep loving, and never stop loving. Love without attachment to any outcome or result. Love, for loves sake. There is nothing more beautiful than love in its purity.
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