Pikachus are rising up and getting revenge on Pokémon Go Trainers

Uh oh

It’s begun. Fed up with being hunted by more than 75 million Pokétrainers around the world, Pokémon have started getting their revenge in brutal fashion.

Payback time

Okay, so it may all be a jolly lark to encourage you to take a trip to the Swiss city of Basel, but it’s easily one of the best uses of Pokémon Go in advertising yet.

Pokémasters no more

You know a place is pretty friendly when its citizens can take a Pokéball to the noggin and still remain chirpy.

How the tables have turned

Lap up the full clip over on YouTube, or check out the Pokéstops of Basel and plan your trip here.

Basel does look rather lovely, if you can withstand the seemingly constant threat of Pokébullying

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