🚨Emergency POV🚨 With Mariano Conti-Argentine Peso Loses 30%

In an unexpected turn of events, the Argentine Peso loses 30% vs. USD, as the populist party returns to power in Argentina.

David Hoffman
Aug 13 · 1 min read

Friend of the Podcast, and all-around good guy, Mariano Conti comes to POV to provide his perspective about the drop in value of the Argentine Peso.

Today, we pause and remember why we are in crypto, as 45 Million people lose 30% of their buying power overnight, due to the consequences of government-controlled money.

Mariano on Twitter: @Nanexcool

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  • 30% drop in value in the Argentine Peso
  • The election that brought in the populist government
  • Why did the market react this way?
  • The state of Argentine politics and it’s relation to its money
  • What is holding Argentina back from onboarding to Crypto?
  • How long does the Peso have left to live?

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