MakerDAO Role Call Vote — April 2

Participate in the MKR sound-off on April 2

Get your Ledger out!

On April 2, if you have MKR, you should participate in the MKR roll call!


  1. Discover the number of active MKR tokens there are out there (non-locked up, ready to go MKR). Discover the number of dormant MKR that likely can’t/won’t participate in future votes.
  2. Promote voting behavior! I expect this will be many people’s first time to vote. While this vote is incentive-less, the purpose of the vote is the vote itself. Where traditional Stability Fee votes lose their incentive as soon as their passed, the weak, but ever present incentive to participate no-matter-what can provide new insights.
  3. Hype the DAO part of MakerDAO.
  • Note — These are MY purposes that I created. They can be right or wrong.

The Fun Part

Etch a Message into the MCD Contracts

MKR Voters who vote on the Roll Call proposal will have the opportunity to etch a message onto a slab, a special file whose IPFS hash will be hard-coded in the MCD system. Roughly speaking, your voting keys (accounting for multisig/proxy structure, etc) will get to write to a line in a permanent text file that is embedded into Maker. Think of it like a wall of graffiti painted by the voters. Keys will be ordered and allocated characters by ~vote-squared, so you should group your voting MKR together. Details will be finalized and published in the days ahead of the roll call.


Is this mandatory?

If you held MKR with the understanding that you would eventually vote, you should participate. It is not strictly mandatory, nothing will happen to your MKR if you don’t vote.

Do I have to participate in the novelty prize?

No, of course not.

Video of the governance voting process!

What is this really about? What are the next steps after the roll call?

In short, MKR holders eventually need to explicitly delegate the powers they now implicitly grant to the multisig and to the exec team. The consensus view must be clearly stated and ratified. Now is the time.