POV Crypto Episode 29 – Evaluating Currencies with Murad Mahmudov

Murad is famous for his in-depth analysis and commentary on currencies, their adoption process, how capital and the social layer interacts, and much more.

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Topics of Conversation

  • Murad’s super specific, concrete charts
  • Using on-chain analytics to inform trading
  • Indicators of a currency’s value
  • Evaluating a blockchain based on its consensus mechanism, rather than what its capable of
  • What gives a base chain its value?
  • PoS having a ton of competitors in the future
  • PoS as a family of constructions
  • The small number of investable opportunities create investable opportunities in-of-itself
  • DApps with even just a little usage will receive significant investment
  • Rationality of BTC maximalism
  • Positive sentiments to MakerDAO
  • Volatility and its role in currency