POV Crypto Episode 55: Money Legos, with Alex Soong of Set Protocol

Alex takes David and Christian through the current state of Defi, and the potential future possibilities, and current limitations.

David Hoffman

Alex Soong gave a presentation at an Ethereum DeFi meetup…

…that showed a network of smart contracts executing transactions between eachother, when a Set Protocol rebalancing token “rebalanced”. What’s clear from this is the growing number of collected DeFi applications that are being woven together.

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  • Interweaving smart contracts that call each-other, without knowledge of the contract creator.
  • Pooling resources and functions together in the same space
  • Positive Feedback Loop of DeFi
  • Current states of Oracles, Liquidity, and Usability in DeFi

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Christian @ck_Snarks

David Hoffman on Twitter and Medium @trustlessstate

David Hoffman

Written by

Chief of Operations @realtplatform. The Ethereum side of @POVCryptopod. Bringing Ethereum to the world through writing and speaking. Read my medium👇🏼

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