With the National Cash Transfer Programme (NCTP), the Federal Government partners with the World Bank under a National Society Nets Project to directly invest in the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable in the society. This is how it works. First, local communities are given the opportunity to identify the poorest amount them. After communities identify beneficiaries, they are verified by the government and enrolled in the National Social Register (NSR). Beneficiaries are entitled to receive 5,000 monthly, paid as a collective sum of NGN10,000 every two months. An additional NGN5,000 is given monthly to households with pregnant women, nursing mothers, or girl children of school age. Every three years, the poverty status of the beneficiaries will be reviewed. Eventually, NCTP is to reach 1 million people, with 80 beneficiaries coming from each ward of the country. In Nigeria, each of the 774 local government areas has about 10 to 15 wards each.


  • Has commenced in 20 states while the 16 states will join very soon.
  • 455,000 vulnerable captured on the National Social Register.
  • 297,973 households, which translates to 1,033,294 people are directly benefiting from the CCT. They have been paid the 5,000 naira monthly.
  • The target is to reach 1.2 million households in the coming year.
  • Over 5,000 households are engaged in capacity building activities to sustain their livelihood
  • 297,973 are undergoing awareness raising exercise to improve their wellbeing.
  • The Buhari Government is committed to removing millions out of poverty and the CCT program is doing that a household at a time.