What’s Behind The Man Behind The Curtain
Caitlin Johnstone

Super drivel. What’s the point? That we shouldn’t connect the dots of every denied connect or omission about Russian collusion? Not a chance.

It’s always amusing to watch the gyrations you go through to try and make a point. Many turds here to pick over but the language you’ve co-opted makes my point, “deep state.” There was no talk of deep state before the rise of Bannon.

That you choose to pull Alex Jones into this is actually hysterical. You mean the Alex Jones pushing the Pizzagate conspiracy that led to a man bringing a gun into the store to free Hilary Clinton’s child sex slaves? Yeah, that one. Alex Jones is also the one Trump sucked up to and praised during the campaign. Whoops!

I am now convinced you are a Russian troll. No one else would be pushing the indefensible narratives you do on a daily basis.

I have an idea for your next column. Take on a real story that has some real facts: Why did Jarad Kusher want to use Russian communications at the Russian embassy to communicate with the Russians in Moscow?