Heather Nann

You. Jesus! I want to hug you. I have never in my life felt the voice that is rising within me as I do right now in my life. Not ever this clearly and powerfully. I have been much more passive than the me that is coming through now, walking these days that sharpen me and clarify me for me to be able to see me, to know me, to feel the voice that is here to say FUCK NO. I have always been an advocate. For humanity. I am still an advocate for humanity, but the voice of the woman is the one I hear so powerfully now..I have to run out the door, but if you read this, Heather, know that I am crying with you. For the reason that we are rising and that you touch me and fuel my fire with your intelligent and heartfelt and loving and amazing words. And your potty mouth. Words are energy too. We all just choose different forms of them, habits of them, so to speak because of how they make us feel, right? I’m fine with them. Sometimes it feels really good to say Fuck.