$TWTR @Jack @spacekatgal @randileeharper Are Abuse On @Twitter

This sounds far fetched. Until you realize that Randi Lee Harper (@randileeharper) & Brianna Wu (@spacekatgal) boast of having backchannel access to multiple tech companies.

Randi brags of advocating violence over 200 times to twitter consumers.


Despite massive advocation of violence, intimidation and cyberbullying of consumers for years on Twitter, Randi was invited to meet with safety in early 2015.


Randi has also disseminated instructions to create an ISIS botnet on twitter despite the massive threat to American lives and national security.

Randi posted this information on twitter the day after Twitter was sued in federal court by a widow of a man killed by ISIS.

Far from protecting twitter or their consumers, Randi Lee Harper is an active threat to Americans.

Despite this she was allowed contact with twitter safety and remains a welcome presence on twitter.


On June 16, 2016 CIA Director John Brennan testified that he was disappointed in Jack Dorsey after twitter stopped CIA from obtaining data critical to our national security.

Twitter’s inability or unwillingness to protect all consumers is well documented by Kristen V. Brown of Fusion who wrote about how here death threats were mishandled.

Declaring herself the “ISIS of feminism” Brianna is able to lead a 50,000 strong army to attack “cisgender.”

Brianna has deleted many tweets in preparation for a run for Congress in MA District 8 to challenge incumbent Rep Stephen Lynch in District 8.

However the tweets are archived.


In all actuality it’s Brianna Wu and Randi Lee Harper who are privileged to abuse on Twitter.

A position afforded by @jack and twitter as they simply refuse to apply their Terms of Service equally.

To be attacked by Randi and Brianna is to already have been judged as guilty and therefore a worthy target by Jack & Safety.

One wonders why various regulatory agencies, law enforcement agencies and stockholders haven’t investigated and/or sued as this behavior has led to massive destruction of investors capital as Twitter has become knows as an abusive platform and hostile to it’s own customers.

Far from being about @safety, Randi and Brianna are privileged. Randi boasts of being “immune” despite her assertion that just tweeting to her is an attack.


Ban Randi!


Due to the reputation for abuse, which Jack Dorsey and @safety ALLOW, magnified by General Council Vijaya Gadde in her Washington Post Op Ed, Twitter was unable to find a buyer in October, 2016.

This is, to put it mildly, not good enough. Freedom of expression means little as our underlying philosophy if we continue to allow voices to be silenced because they are afraid to speak up

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