The Great Journalism Innovation Problem
Neal Mann

“Innovation” is a buzzword in every industry trying to keep up with rapid changes today — it’s also huge in civil engineering, where at the association I work for it’s used all the time. Right now we’re running a major “Innovation Contest” seeking good ideas.

How is comparing journalism to Tesla and self-driving cars valid? We’ve already had the newspaper equivalents (websites) for years with a ton of online innovation in news reporting during that time, especially as broadband enabled video— and they aren’t sold like cars. Cars don’t go for next to nothing with ads slapped over much of the exterior and interior.

The “Internet of things” isn’t going to change much in journalism unless the perfect format is found for reading news on the refrigerator.

The problem has been and continues to be how to make the creation and production of quality journalism online financially sustainable and profitable. That is the ultimate goal, and your argument for innovation does not connect these dots.

Also … “ When Tesla launched it’s recent Model X …” Don’t undermine your argument with the wrong “its.” Sorry, it’s the old newspaper copy editor in me.

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