How to Quit Smoking…

After listening to a short conversation and grazing over Allen Carr’s “Easy Way To Quit Smoking” I realized it really is that easy.

Like turning a light switch off or on-you are either ready or not. The first and fourth days are the toughest for me. Once you make it through the first few hours of withdrawel you have a choice to make. End the discomfort, or embrace it totally. If you choose the latter, you will begin to feel better immeditely. If you choose to view yourself as as non smoker, you will be. Actively smell your hands, clothes, car, and home. Enjoy a fresh candle or a clean breeze coming through the window without the cloud of smoke staining the moment.

My simple suggestions have worked for me and a handful of friends, and i hope they help you or a loved one as well!

Start on a Friday. Take the day off and emphasize that your only goal in the entire world (for the next few days at least) is to start a new chapter. I dont care who you are, when you wake up on a workday without having to go in-it still feels like a snowday.

Waking up with the satisfaction of a day off will be a reminder that you deserve better, and you have earned it. This is the ideal tone to set for this journey.

Now, the only two activities for this weekend can be put in two categories: exercise and self care.

Everyone has their own definition of the two and there are no rules here. Living in Northeast Ohio provides the opportunity to bike and hike our many trails through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park system. Fresh air, sweat, and sunshine are the perfect combination to overcome a craving. They are also great reminders that there are fun and rewarding endeavors on the other side of smoking.

Taking a walk, calisthenics, gym time, whatever it might be-exercise is essential.

“Self Care” also has many definitions and can even carry a negative connotation with some people. I have been there and understand how hard it can be to put yourself first. One of the scariest aspects for me was an underlying fear that I would love it, and quit putting everyone else’s needs before mine. That fear came true, and I couldnt be happier. It feels great to help people, but even better when your own affairs are in order first.

My weekend included a lot of meditation via YouTube, reading via Summit County Public Library, and stretching. Hours of stretching. Candles, comfort food, great coffee (one cup-not in the morning), tea, classic film, stupid comedies, loud music, holes punched in walls, lots of Serenity Prayers, contemplation, and observation.

Any other weekend would consist of minimal amounts of the above activities. Overshadowed by bars, and house parties, beers, beers, greasy food, and NetFlix. As much as I do enjoy those things, my underlying fear that they were a great way to avoid facing my problems was showing itself as a reality. My fear that there is a better way for ME to live and that I will have to leave the known and the people and the drinks and the places and the Parliament Lights in order to see what else is out there-that fear was actualized.

I wish I had one of those Medium style articles that baited you with a “4 easy ways…” type headline to make quitting smoking easy. But the truth is you dont want to quit smoking….

You want to start living.

My real advice-you fucking deserve it. Treat this endeavor as if your life depends on it, because it does.

Trying to keep trying my best.