A poem

when the sun is up I won’t lie

because what good is it to go the whole day with it

I can’t crack the giveaway even if I gave it away,

the face and mind in disequilibrium,

I won’t lie to you right now

it was like I’d never met another person before


wave after wave crashing in on me and i

let them as cold as they were

wash the remnants of whatever needed shedding

in the new and fresh water presence You brought

a person

and mine

because the spaces

I occupied

with my eyes closed and my heart sewed shut

were glue in holes that could not be mended,

wine poured over the places that lost colors so

deep that my lips stained. Still, I

found you in the haze because you are a

person, mine

before I realized it

gliding over to me like He was there chaperoning

don’t mess it up He said,

don’t fuck it up, I said

one week at a time,

be better in the words my person spoke,

reciprocate the world like He saw it cause

we’d coexist, and if I needed to leave mine in His will

then I would do it, because you are very well

my person, mine

no fumble or bump, it graced us the way

we kissed in the intention of a simple-rooted kind of love

one that said we’d done it before, and in budding success

Wake up to you

and find myself in the browns and blacks of your hues, in your

energetic strides, or maybe your vibes

declare this is

my person

touring the spaces I forfeit to you, like

my mind and all there in it, you saw the everything

fluently as it came over you and in exchange, I could tinker,

spend more time in your spaces

dissecting the art in your gallery

filling the white spaces inside of my own with

flinging red paint, walking

and treading, feeling, soaking in the layers and layers of you and me,

just as it was meant to be since it was so obvious

you were my person

the sun is up so I won’t lie to you

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