So I went for A Wedding Party…

It’s another saturday in Lagos South West Nigeria AKA ‘OWANBE TIME’ and not sound like a stereotype but lagosians love to ‘parry’. What better way to party than the celebration of love hence ‘Wedding Parties’. Family, friends, and of course Small chops (or Jollof rice) make up the holy trinity of such occasions.

Honestly growing up I didn't fancy attending wedding ceremonies, such much that I stopped attending them by the end of primary school because I could then watch my Premier league matches in peace. Arsenal FC poor run of form created a vacuum in my Saturdays and much to my Yoruba Mother’s delight her son by attending wedding ceremonies would see what she is expecting in what is now a five year ultimatum ‘My Wedding’.

After attending my first wedding in 2017, I came out of it with some lessons for the future. The first and probably the most important lesson is that at the center of all activities in the ceremony is the expression of love. It can't be over emphasized and the expression of love can be described as beautiful.

The next lesson is that, the wedding ceremony is the launching pad for what will be the longest journey of you life and initiation to a new thought pattern of responsibility and better interpersonal relationship.

My final lesson was that in marriage your walk with God has to be deeper especially for the release of wisdom in handling extended family members, oh yess a lot of them with their conflicting ideologies.

Above all, I look forward to attend more wedding ceremonies, meet new people and acquire skills valuable for the future

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