The best websites are just directories.

I’ve been developing a simple app, but even when using it myself, I noticed a lack of an important element. I just didn’t know what.

I looked at the most ranking websites in Alexa, and found a pattern. And a simple one: Lists.

People love lists, people are crazy about lists I would say. Look around:

  • Google : THE list of websites, their idea was just to create a directory of websites so you could find them easily. How would you find a link otherwise? Word of mouth?
  • Facebook: THE list of friends. What your friends have been up to? What does it feel at this particular moment? And such.
  • Twitter: THE list of people. Create your own identity on the Internet, and in the world. Getting recognized by what you say (tweet) by someone on the other side of the earth.
  • Instagram: THE list of photos. Pretty well done at least. I don’t use it as much, but when I want to show a photo I took, that looks good enough iny opinion, I use Instagram
  • Snapchat: used to be a simple deleting message app, but now it has become something greater. THE list of moments in someone’s day or life. See what people are up to during their day thanks to the feature called “Stories”
  • Reddit: THE list of small communities. Show and discuss with people on what you’re interested about.

This is a small portion of websites/apps but you get my point (I hope)

So, I should get starting!