Why I love Twitter 100 times over Facebook

I’ve been a Facebook user since 2008 or 2009. And when I say user, it can be understood as a normal user or an addict. We don’t really realize when the addiction started. We stare at our smartphone on average 85 times a day, we open a new tab on Facebook, close it, open a new one 5min later, as if something incredible would happen in this lapse of time.

Smartphone addiction is another story, but let say that I’ve seen people look at their phone for a long time (20s or more) and didn’t know what app to open, like browsing Netflix. You should turn on you screen if you already know what you want to do with it. A smartphone is a tool, a means to an end!

I’ve read somewhere that the simplest definition of an addiction is when you find a solution to a problem, but that solution become the problem.

In 2015, I’ve noticed the time spent on Facebook was “too damn high”, and I needed to do something. During commute, when crossing the street, at work, when eating. I’ve seen worst, like people scrolling through their feeds during sermons in churches.

Everywhere Facebook, and see the same kind of news, every time. So I decided to limit myself:

  • No Facebooking during work hours. This means, if people tagged me during the day, I wouldn’t know
  • Limit the number of status post. I was between 20–30 a week. It doesn’t sound Kim a lot, but is your life really interesting? So now, I’m at one status post a month.
  • Removing myself from a lot of useless junk group. It started years ago, where it was funny to see stuff like “John Doe liked ‘really bad jokes’ ”. Now those groups only shows click bait ads.

Now, I use Facebook primarily for Messenger, and I’m ok with it.

This got real, really quickly! I didn’t really want to talk about this, but now it’s out.


I’ve been a Twitter user since I can’t remember, but a power user since 2 years ago. Almost at the same time I decided to limit my Facebook consumption. But like a lot of people, Twitter didn’t talk to me because I didn’t know what it was.

Twitter is live

I prefer Twitter over Facebook because I don’t like to limit myself when sharing experiences. Facebook is for friends, for who they are and what they represent in your life. But Twitter is something else, you can follow people for who they are, but ALSO for what they think about, what they do. You don’t have to be a friend to have the same interests as someone else.

You can talk to anyone (if they want to respond). This is why I like to keep my DM opened. Discussion is a big part of anybody’s life, it’s how you can share experiences with each other. Share about your passions, your fears, everything. It may sounds dumb, but I want to build a private podcast in my company, so we can better know one another.

Twitter is my first source of information. The more people talk about something, the more the information get out faster through “Trending Topics”. With Facebook, I used to scroll back to the last post seen the day before… but with Twitter, there is so much information, you can scroll back, but it’s a waste of time. The info will pop up again.

You don’t have the same reward expectations. I mean, at my “level”, 170 followers is not a lot, and there is a good number of bots, I’m sure. But with that count, you don’t really expect any likes (formerly known as “favorite”) or ReTweets. You can’t do it for the likes as you would normally do on Facebook or Instagram. Yes, people think like that. I remember deleting status when nobody liked them in the half hour after the post, not receiving this “reward” made me sad.

Your tweets matter. Your tweets can touch anybody, people following you, even people not following you. What you said matters, maybe not for anybody, but at least one person.

FOMO, Fear of missing out is different. FOMO on Facebook is more dangerous. Because you know, in some extents, your friends. You like seeing them enjoying their vacation or the 4 stars meal course. You don’t want to miss that out. But on Twitter, I have a dozen of friends out of 120 following I think. And I’m really fine with it, because for the rest of them FOMO will not work on me, since I don’t know them personally, I’m not their friend, and they aren’t mine. I don’t have any connections with them, I can’t relate to them. “You can’t miss something you never had”.

I don’t like conclusion so here’s my last sentence:

Twitter is the access to somebody’s mind and thoughts