The Summer of Self-Driving

The rumble of the engine. A slow turn out of the garage. Falling in line behind traffic. The curve of the on-ramp. And we’re off.

TuSimple’s autonomous vehicles are racing toward the horizon this summer with a slew of huge developments and important milestones.

So far we’ve:

  • Become the first company in San Diego to receive a California DMV permit for autonomous vehicle testing
  • Hosted the world’s first autonomous driving-oriented benchmark dataset
  • Performed China’s first autonomous trucking logistics demo

And coming up later this month are equally exciting developments in the works:

  • This week we’re off to the Bay Area for the Autonomous Vehicles Symposium 2017 (AVS)
  • We’re hosting a full day of workshops revolving around autonomous driving at CVPR2017 on July 21, with a Hawaiian cocktail party in the evening to cap things off
  • We’re also planning on a long-distance test drive of our autonomous tech here in Southern California — keep on the lookout for that green and white TuSimple logo on a vehicle near you!

This summer is gearing up to see the biggest growth of autonomous driving technology yet, and TuSimple is leading the way down this brave new highway.

Check out our event at CVPR2017: