Getting around London during the Tube Strike

The Tube Strike is set to start at 18:30 today and last all day tomorrow. So what options are there for people who still need to travel around the city?

London Overground, DLR, TfL Rail and trams will all run as normal. As will the Emirates cable car. If you need a helping hand navigating the services that are left, you can use the real-time routing in the Tube Map app. It will route around the lines that are closed.

TfL are also putting an extra 200 buses on the roads. Which all sounds like good news until you get to the part about the Great City Race…

Diversions will be in place in the City of London on Thursday 9 July from 18:30 until 20:30 for the Standard Chartered Great City Race, affecting bus routes 4, 8, 11, 21, 23, 25, 26, 43, 56, 76, 100, 133, 141, 153, 172, 214, 242, 271, 388, and 521.

If you decide to get the bus when you don’t normally, you can always use the London Bus app to plan a journey (iOS only) and check live departures.

Walking is an option for short journeys. Someone’s made a very useful Walking Tube Map. Alternatively the walking time will appear when using the real-time routing in Tube Map which should help you for specific routes.

But if the journey is too long you can see how long the journey would be with Uber, as well as a rough cost for the ride and you can access the app directly from Tube Map.

Then there’s the option to cycle. TfL are putting more bikes out and encouraging anyone who owns a bike to cycle to work.

We will put on extra cycle hubs from 07:00–11:00 and 16:00–20:00, at:
Soho Square
Houghton Street (near the Strand)
Finsbury Square (near Liverpool Street and Moorgate)
Butler Place (between Victoria and Westminster)
Existing cycle hubs will have more cycles than usual at:
Stonecutter Street (near Holborn and the City)
Belgrove Street (near Kings Cross)

It’s going to be a tough couple of days but hopefully with the help of some handy apps, we can get through it! Don’t already own the Tube Map and London Bus apps? We’ve provided some links below.

Tube Map iOS

Tube Map Android

London Bus iOS

London Bus Android