Video is redefining sports… again

A few years ago, a new class of digital-first publishers, led by the likes of BuzzFeed and Bleacher Report, began rapidly growing audiences. They redefined entertainment for digital audiences and began fueling demand among content-hungry audiences for video experiences designed for consumption on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Today, incumbent broadcast and media companies are beginning to catch up, repositioning select linear programs for the digital-first consumption habits of their growing online audiences. Through sheer size and scale, many legacy names today are successfully competing for the attention of online audiences (Fig 1).

Tonight, the initial batch of Democratic party presidential candidates will embark on the long journey to Election 2020 with the first Democratic debates. It’s a sign of the times that this will be the first fully live-streamed primary event: the Democratic National Committee is requiring all of its network partners make the debates available online.

Even before the stream begins, however, the social video conversation about the primaries has been buzzing for months. Brands and influencers alike have promoted and panned the frontrunners in a mix of content that spans from analytical to straight-up comedic.

In general, here’s how the…

The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is here! Grit and glam are on full display, as 24 countries face-off in France through July 7.

The cultural narrative has generally been that there’s little global interest in women’s football. But one look at recent video data proves the opposite: in 2019, women’s football is social video gold. In the past 90 days, Women’s World Cup-related content scored 71.2M views across social video platforms (as of June 4, 2019). The view count is sure to burgeon heading into the July FIFA finals.

To mark the FIFA tentpole event, brands from Nike and…

This past March, an unconventional news report hit social media: Tijuana residents were stealing wire from the U.S. border wall and using it to protect their own homes. The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, the satirical-news program from Viacom-owned Comedy Central, picked up the story.

“You heard that right, Mexico is stealing the wall,” Trevor Noah reported, suppressing a laugh. The audience cracked up as he delivered the punchline: “Mexicans will be showing off their new home security system like: ‘I built a wall around my house and Donald Trump paid for it!’”

This ironical take on the latest news…

ABC News is a modern-day Cinderella story for the video world. From 1950–1980 (the heyday of TV news), the broadcaster routinely lagged behind CBS News and NBC News in viewership numbers for its latest news videos.

In the digital era, however, ABC News is now the belle of the ball. In March, the media giant was the #1 global creator in News & Politics and climbed 32 spots to take #31 across all content genres, despite only uploading 2.86% more videos than the month prior.

Over the past year, the news outlet’s video content has consistently landed high views and…

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