U.S. Agent

My first grade teacher would bring in a basket full of toys each Friday. She’d let each student pick one toy to keep. There was one Friday when she restocked the basket and a U.S. Agent action figure was in there.

U.S. Agent is a Marvel Character who bears a striking resemblance to Captain America. His suit is black and the star is on the side of his chest instead of the center. At that age I didn’t know who Captain America was, let alone U.S. Agent. What I did know was that I wanted that action figure.

My classmates and I were split into groups to go pick a toy. Two groups went before mine, but it felt like a thousand. My heart stopped each time some kid’s hand went near it. There were several little boys who went before me and they completely passed up this great action figure. That still bugs me. Like what you’re too good for this bad-ass action figure? Your loss kid. I took U.S Agent home that day.

Since I didn’t know his name and I didn’t have a Spider-Man action figure at the time, I pretended he was Spider-Man. After all, I needed someone to fight Kraven the Hunter on the NYC rooftops that were my Grandma’s washer and dryer. They kicked each others ass!

I got what I wanted that day back in 1996 and it felt great.

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