Touchy story! Fine with me.

Well.. does this look like a typical day in you life? Thought so..

This idea started going through my brain until it finally ended up in my heart. The topic is: “People and why they act like they don’t give a f@#&”. Excuse my french.

Every single day, I go outside and stroll through my daily routine. I consider myself to be a somewhat happy human being, in contempt with my existence and social status (huh?). Yes, there are ups and downs in my life, but that is “normal”, all in all experiences through which we win some and we also learn some (a lot). Due to the ballance between what life has given me so far and the prospect of what there is to come, I truly find myself in a comfort spot. Thus, my ability to smile and show empathy and compassion towards others. It would be normal to think that there are others just like myself who also fit the “technical requirements” or something like that… You guessed it, I’m completely and utterly “wrong”! (or so it would seem)

The amount of grey (I will explain) people is too damn high! (or so the meme would say)

Grey people, as I like to refer to them, are people who keep their heads down, who smile only if approached (usually out of complacency) and are otherwise oblivious to what their surroundings have to offer. Cloudy eyed robots who can’t actually explain why they are alive. Day in and day out they follow the same routine and adjust their moral compass as the wind blows due to their desire to uphold “their socially satisfying image”. Yes, my generation (25 — 30 years old) all seem to be full of life and full of joy, however they are not. They might seem that way, but trust me, they are not.

Everyone has a deeper side, a darker side (more or less developed), a grey room filled with all the things that have happened over the years and which have molded them into what they are today. The fact that they rarely open up and only to a select few is a testament of how far they are from facing their problems and accepting their situation. They unwillingly forget that which has made them the way they are and so, the struggle to find the source of their problem gets harder and harder as years go by.

Thank God for therapists, right? Wrong!

We don’t need therapy and we don’t need meds (well, some of us don’t). All we need is to pay forward compassion, love, appreciation and motivate others to reach their desired self-respect level. We need to show off less and pay forward more. Life does not revolve around “financial stability” or getting in a position of power. It revolves around you and how you treat yourself day in and day out. Everything else is just a consequence of your actions. The only person who’s going to be by your side till the day you die is your own self. So at least try to be friends!

So, go out there and make someone’s day. Put a smile on those gloomy faces and maybe, just maybe, one day we will all carry a sincere smile of our own. A smile that comes from deep inside ours souls.

Oh, by the way, if you are reading this just know that: You are awesome! Have a nice day!

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