CNA #5 — Politics

  1. Transgender Bathrooms: Controversy is continuing to rise regarding transgender bathrooms as the presidency has changed in the United States from Barack Obama to Donald Trump. President Trump has taken back his statement to allow transgenders to choose whichever bathroom appeals to them, due to Republican influence. Many are thankful for this change and say it puts children at risk otherwise, while others believe this change implies it is okay to bully transgenders.
  2. Trip to Syria: Sen. John McCain recently took his first trip to Northern Syria since 2013 in order to visit US forces deployed there. He wanted to discuss with them what the plans were to counter the Islamic State and to take back Raqqa. Sen. McCain’s travel to Syria was an official visit, sponsored and payed for by the US government.
  3. Mexico and US Deportation Controversy: The United States has made new guidlines that will subject almost all illegal immigrants to deportation to Mexico. The Mexican Foreign Minister, Luis Videgaray is standing up for his country by confronting the US, refusing to accept such guidelines, to the point where he has said he is willing to go to the United Nations for assistance in the matter. Relationships between the US and Mexico are tense and frail, due to President Trumps wishes for Mexico to pay for the construction of the wall.
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