The Hiker — Inverted Pyramid

Experienced hiker, went hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains, when he got off trail and was lost for four days.

Soon after getting off trail near Gregory Bald, Will Henderson tried crossing a stream, but slipped and broke his leg.

“I knew that I had better get somewhere where people could find me.” Henderson said.

Henderson, who is a member of the National Hiking Association, had plenty of food from hiking 10 days prior to getting lost. Due to his broken leg, he had to crawl on the wet brush, causing him to have to discard some of his clothes and many things from inside his 40-pound hiking pack.

“I had several pictures of my wife and two little girls. I looked at them a lot, especially when I got discouraged.” Henderson said.

After four days, he made it to the main part of the 3,000 mile Appalachian Trail where two hikers found him.

“Those guys thought I was some kind of animal at first. They kind of hesitated in approaching me, but when I said, ‘Help’ a couple of times, they came running.” Henderson said.

While at Knoxville Hospital, “I’ll never forget the feeling I had when they found me, not if I live to be a hundred,” Henderson said.

Those guys are going to get mentioned in my will.”

39-year-old Henderson had been hiking since he was 10 years old and he broke the first rule of hiking: Never hike alone. Regardless of his accident, his goal remains to hike the entire trail as soon as his leg heals.