A player with great touch will be able to seamlessly transition from loud,fortissimo parts to softer, pianissimo passages. Touch brings “life” to a song, and it allows players to add their own personality and emotions into their playing for the listener to enjoy. (reference.com)

Keeng Cut begins his musical journey with the track “Better Everyday”, a motivational intro that sets the tone for the album. The track covers a wide-range of topics from eating healthy, to staying away from negativity, to M.J’s fade away. He raps, “Hit the gym with that Jim, Courtney he stay on my back, if somebody wanna see you better they gonna call you out on your slack, if I ain’t in there I’m in my joggers, joggin in my fanny pack, pack a backwoods up in that, with the spirit of Andre Mac, Dre.”

Like any pianists you have to give the crowd what they want, for Beethoven it was his “5th Symphony”, for Keeng Cut it has to be the undeniable hit “Own It”. (check out the review of “Own It”) This has become an anthem in the Tulsa hip-hop scene with many artists paying homage to Keeng Flavor himself. But Keeng Cut isn’t the only one moving keys on this project, he shares the spotlight on the track ‘Fly’, with standout features from legend Steph Simon and young prodigy Hakeem Eli’juwon. The chorus goes, “Fly spittas wreckin’ beats, Fly niggas off that NST, fly playas out her doin they thang, it’s just that Flavor, Young Life and Buddie the Brain.” The song pays homage to Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin” as heard with the similar cadences, it is only fit for these playas to all go in on this track.

I had to ask Steph Simon about this one particular line, I told her fallback like a what??? Like an Altar Call. I need to use a life line for this one. Hey Google. What’s an Altar Call?

But its not all uptempo, like a true master of the ceremony Keeng Cut slows it down for the ladies on his track “Marathon Lady”. And in true Flavio Cùtatore fashion this track is an almost interlude that shifts the feel of the project from pure energy to pure lust of a lady that has caught his eye, perhaps during a performance. Let’s ask him.

World Culture Keys is truly Keeng Cut’s introduction to the world. And with stand out tracks, incredible features, and the touch to move the crowd from fortissimo to pianissimo the crowd is sure to to want an encore performance. Keeng Cut has become an influencer on the culture and with his unique stage performances he is sure to pack arenas soon. So Keeng Cut take a bow. And you in the audience… Enjoy WORLD CULTURE KEYS…

​Stream and Download Keeng Cut’s project World Culture Keys here: Keeng Cut’s World Culture Keys…

  1. Better Everyday
  2. Own It
  3. Seriously
  4. Fly Ft. Steph Simon & Hakeem Eli’juwon
  5. Too Much
  6. Outta Jail Glow Ft. Xskimo Joe
  7. Marathon Lady
  8. Wild & Crazy (Bonus Track) Ft. Trak

BUT WAIT, THERE’s MORE……. With another one….. Keeng Cut and Trak drop the track ‘Wild & Crazy’ check it, out.