Google Image Search “Tulsa Rappers” and this is what you’ll get. And learkin in somebody’s comments is an argument I’ve heard too much. ALL TULSA RAPPERS SOUND THE SAME. This has been an age old argument from the beginning of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just search for it. And the sad part is that most of these people that say this are from Tulsa. HOW SWAY? How? But nobody talks about the job these people are doing. Nobody comes to to their job and say “You answer the phone like every other call center rep”, or “You take care of old people like every other hospice worker/nurse”. OK, Enough of the ranting. But I challenge you to give me an opportunity to explain my why this is a common fallacy. Cause you gone learn today:

So let me introduce you to a few Tulsa artists and I dare you to say anything that would even imply that Tulsa rappers all sound the same or they rap about the same things.

  1. Steph Simon “VISIONS” -
    Who with his “Visions From The Tisdale” created a soundtrack to Tulsa and something for the Northside to be proud of.

2. Keeng Cut “Own It” -
A rapper from Northside Tulsa who is undeniably a flavor king with his signiature ‘OOPS’ ad-libs and high energy performances have set trends and finessed hooks.

3. Pade “Oilhouse Money” -
Pade is a mastermind and a boss. He is an entrepreneur whose music can be classified as a hustler’s mentality.

4. Verse “Sooner State” -
Verse has a flow sharper than a Ginsu blade and a pen just as sharp which makes his double-entendre’scut twice as deep. Verse’s grind is well documented and as an artist he is respected as such.

5. Keezy Kuts “Pit Stop” -
Keezy is the scene. Known by probably the whole city, he is a supporter of everything local. It’s no reason that when he shows love, people show it back. His performances are high energy and his freestyles are off the dome. And he keeps at least one Pre-Rolled.

6. Trak “Out Of Nowhere” -
From behind the camera to the front of the stage. Trak has made his own lane and with his talent has traveled as far as music and drones have.

7. Co2 Da Great “So Northside” -
Carrying the torch Co2 Da Great has repped North Tulsa from the beginning. He is respected and has paid his dues and through it all he is still relevant. He continues to build on the legacy which is Co2 Da Great.

8. Mr. Burns “All In Check” -
With lyrics that are sure to create a lyrical genocide Mr. Burns makes sure no one is left behind meaning no witnesses. His performances are as vivid as his lyrics and he lets the world into his canvas called hip-hop.

9. King Spencer “No Gucci Belt” -
Self-taught, do-it-yourself, self-help. These are some of the words that describe King Spencer’s hustle. Whether it be creating videos, traveling the world, or making music King Spencer has shown that if ever in need. He could always call himself.

10. DialTone “Tulsa Transit” -
His flow is laid back, calm, cool, and bitcoins he collectin’. DialTone has made his own creative space called “Tones Beach” where his music is… what else? But cool ass ridin’ and chillin’ music.

11. Young DV “U Know It” -
With a flow that is wise beyond it’s years, DV has made a name for himself and he won’t stop until uou know it.

12. Hakeem Eli’juwon “2$ense” -
Hakeem is arguably next up in Tulsa. With distinctive flow and unforgiving delivery Hakeem Eli’juwon’s potential is as high as the player he’s named after.

13. St. Domonick “Clouds” -
Being a saint ain’t easy so it would only be right that St. Domonick’s music carry his audience to the clouds. But it ain’t all clouds and sunshine, St. Domonick can just as easily launch lyrical attacks on any opposition.

14. Johnny Polygon “Limosexsuperstar” -
Johnny Polygon is a star, it’s seen at his shows when fans rap his lyrics word for word. Or when they buy his posters and stand in line for an autograph. He’s traveled doing what he loves, which is making music. He did it by not only thinking out side of the box but by making box for his music, but his way.

15. Kode Ransom “Limosexsuperstar” -
Kode Ransom is the Huey from Boondocks and raps are just as revolutionary. He is a true storyteller. Whether sympathizing, some empathizing, or just plain been through the same situations listers know by the end of the track that the journey was real.

Tulsa has some amazing rappers, who don’t sound even remotely similar. If you listen to their raps it’s not only different but since their from Tulsa it’s relate-able. I have only scratched the surface because there are a lot of rappers that I haven’t mentioned here. There are a lot of rappers I haven’t met yet. I’m not saying all rappers from Tulsa are good and by all means call them out. But at the least give them an opportunity before dismissing them. So next time you see somebody all in the comments ‘trollin’ saying All Tulsa Rappers Sound The Same. Do me a favor. Send them this post AND IF THEY DISAGREEE without giving a valid reason, without clicking on at least 3 videos then stop arguing. Cause like J said:

A wise man told me don’t argue with fools
’Cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who

 — Jay-Z Takeover

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