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3. a person who has been estranged or excluded.

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There is a funny thing about train tracks and how they can sometimes become a sort of divisional line for a city. For Tulsa, these same type of tracks have divided the city and left both sides to diverge into two completely different worlds. And for anyone coming from the north side, crossing these tracks means 2 things: 1) This is a completely different world than what you have grown accustom to. 2) You instantly are separated from the idea of being ‘normal’, your differences are amplified, and your history of being excluded and estranged has only propelled the feeling of being of not that world, but ALIEN. This same message is being told in Surron the 7th’s song “918lien”.

The track starts with commentary from a local news outlet that reports on the sightings of an alien vessel in Tulsa. But what if Surron the 7th is using this as a metaphor? This metaphor representing his people being on the other side of the train tracks with a swagger that is different from the ‘norm’, driving vessels which represent cars that aren’t stock factory, and don’t look like any other vessels on the street. Something that has been documented and published in many news outlets just like this article in the Tulsa Voice called “The new Black Wallstreet” (click to read).

“We all trickin’,
pay attention,
you savin pennies for a fantasy, and paid admission,
whoo, don’t play the victim now.” ​

Surron starts his verse with a tribute to the track’s counterpart Keeng Cut spittin “When you get your moment bitch you better own it.”, which has become a popular chant in the Tulsa hip-hop community. But that ain’t the only notable lyrics from his verse, which is filled with metaphors and topics that range from political news outlet Fox News, to American symbol the Statue of Liberty. Surron flexes his pen with a clever array of bars, take for instance these 4 bars, “We all trickin’, pay attention, you savin’ pennies for a fantasy, and paid admission, whoo, don’t play the victim now.” SURRON YOU HAVE TO DROP THIS TRACK.

But it ain’t over because King Flavor himself Keeng Cut, has somethin to say, you wanna hear it? Well hear it go. He raps, “Norf Tulsa, Norf Tulsa, Norf Tulsa, Norf Tulsa, Norf Tulsa, if im gonna be anything in this world, ima gonna be a hustler. Gotta go down in history to Mister Gibbs and Mister Cooper. By the time you get to the end of Keeng Cut’s verse you realize that he wasn’t just shouting people out, but he had delivered an ode’ to his city about the artists and businessman that had shaped the world on his side of the train tracks.

WE NEED THIS TRACK TRACK TO DROP…. for all the people feeling like aliens when they cross those tracks.

I’m starting the petition now… comment on Surron the 7th’s facebook and let’s get this track out. Also show him love.

But enough of my ranting. Check out Surron the 7th’s track “918lien” ft. Keeng Cut below.

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