Yesterday, we scored an important victory

Bernie Sanders always said his campaign was about more than him — it was about millions of people coming together to challenge an establishment that was more interested in serving the interests of corporations and lobbyists.

Yesterday, we won an important victory in this fight when the Democratic Party accepted major reforms to the superdelegate process.

Now, we have guaranteed that the vast majority of superdelegates will be required to cast their votes at the convention based on how their state voted.

This compromise helps to make our presidential nominating contest more democratic. In addition, the party will be actively encouraging open primaries and same-day party registration, like what we have in Hawaii.

It was a long, hard fight, but we can be proud that the grassroots have won a qualified victory in the fight to create a Democratic Party that is stronger and fairer.

Make no mistake, without your voice and hard work, none of this could have happened.

Yesterday alone, we made more than 4,000 phone calls demanding major reforms — and we delivered more than 200,000 petition signatures over the last several weeks.

It was made very clear where progressive activists stood on this issue, and I thank you for your hard work and for stepping up. Let’s continue to work to reform our party and fight for working people in Washington.