Six Reasons You Need To Become a Perma-Vacationer Today

How many times have you heard or read a variation of the following: “Take a trip. Fall in love. Never return.”? How many sunsets have you watched as you heave a deep sigh and wistfully think I could do this forever…? How many times have you quickly cut yourself off, snapped out of the daydream, and resolutely decided: I’d get so bored.

Le sigh. It is human nature to try and poke holes in our own dreams. We are expert self-saboteurs, because deep down we know that if we can make the dream sound silly, unreasonable, or boring — we won’t be upset when it doesn’t materialize. How can we live like this? The last thing our very fragile, hopeful, dream needs, is to hear us bad-mouthing it. Dreams should be big. They should scare you a bit. And they deserve your support.

Here are six reasons why living where the rest of us vacation is actually the best thing ever:

1. Your health will improve

Happy people make better choices. You never see a happy person buy a bottle of wine and two pints of ice cream to devour alone on a Tuesday night. People who are in pain or in periods of transition in their life need crutches, we all do at some point. Crutches can be people, or food, or things, or states of mind. But happy and healthy people don’t need crutches and live independently without reliance on anything or — for the most part — anyone. This ability to produce your own happiness will lead to better choices, stronger will power, and a more positive outlook. All of these factors are major contributors to longevity, weight loss, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle.

2. You’ll simplify

On nearly every level, you will de-clutter your life. Moving to another country will inevitably strengthen your already strong friendships, while letting the unnecessary ones drop off. Moving to another country will force you to pare down your possessions (who wants to FedEx a lamp?) and help you be happier with less. Investing in fewer pieces (of clothing, furniture, boats, cars, etc) of higher quality will not only bring you more use and more joy, but is better for the environment and the economy, and will hopefully support local business. Moving to another country will make you mentally simplify, too. Without the distraction of meetings, emails, phone calls, traffic, and carpools, you’ll begin to appreciate simpler things like walking your child to school, writing a letter, or working on a project.

3. Your days will seem longer

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, even Beyonce. But they can seem like much longer or much shorter depending on how you treat them. One of the biggest complaints of people living “traditional” lives (i.e. city job, commute, house in the suburbs, mortgage, kids) is that they can’t take care of themselves because there “isn’t enough time in the day.” But time is contingent on how you perceive it. Spending more time on fewer things gives us a sense of marked progress that leaves us feeling fulfilled and accomplished. Spending less time on more things makes us feel as if we are drowning in small errands and issues that we aren’t completely devoting ourselves to. When you live in paradise you shed distraction. You align with nature. You gain perspective. And you selectively choose how and where you wish to spend your time, and that is the secret to making more of it.

4. You’ll age backwards

You hear it everywhere: happy people look younger. Stress, pollution, exhaust, lack of sleep and dehydration will halt your body’s process of cell replenishment. You — quite literally — look older than you are. Salt, fresh air, lots of water, laughter, and lack of stress are nature’s antidotes to aging. You still do it, of course, but you significantly slow it down… and as a bonus, you have a great tan.

5. You won’t be reliant on medication

Throw out the prescription medication. Wait, not all of them… but most. Throw out the multi-vitamins, the Metamucil, the random bottles of expired pills you’re convinced you’ll someday need. When you live somewhere tropical, you live closer to the source of healthy fruits and vegetables. So when you buy them at the market, they’re cheaper (because they haven’t traveled in the back of a truck or airplane) and they’re fresher (because they haven’t traveled in the back of a truck or airplane) so you’ll eat more. And food can be used to self-medicate. Just as a diet high in processed foods can make us sick, a diet high in fruits and vegetables can improve our health.

6. You’ll save money on travel

We travel for two reasons: to see places and to see people. You now live in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, (so, congratulations on that) which means you probably won’t be taking those week-long vacations to sit on the beach and drink a pina colada because, well, that’s just a Tuesday for you now. And forget ever buying a ticket to see people. Forever. They’ll always want to come to you. You can host wave after wave of family and friends without lifting a finger or booking a flight. You live where people love to travel — enjoy the perks. And when you do travel, it will make coming home so much sweeter.

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