Between classes: Everyone is attractive

I’m between My first class and second class of the day and I’m having one of those days where everyone seems to be exuding some form of heady pheromone that draws My attention every ten minutes. Daydreams about every third person run through My head. Delaying The much awaited free time to work on an essay is being sucked away from Me. I just can’t make myself focus on anything other than the guy who stretched as I walked by(A part of My sexuality I’m still navigating.)or the girl bent over stacking books on the shelves.

This is most likely due to coming off a long spell of abstinence, more from circumstance than personal choice. When a long while passes without sex and very little sexual intimacy I stop looking. I’ll still notice beautiful people and find them attractive but the energy required to pursue just sort of drops off. Recently though I had sex with a beautiful person that I have a lot of feelings about(That’s a totally different post)and it was nice. Perhaps it’s the reminder that being physically involved with someone is awesome or the flow of sexual want and need has finally broken through its dam, only to flood me with all the fantasies that I’ve been ignoring for so long. I honestly do not know. All I know is everyone looks attractive.

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