Little minds calling your tech ideas re-cycled!

I’m sick of little minds calling anything recycled ideas

So, we’re in the tech age, Nigeria is latching on and young guys are coming up with ideas here and there. There is almost a or a .ng of every type of business and while some sound totally stupid, a lot sound really cool and a few are already making the cool cash.

However, I’m tired of hearing the word ‘recycled-ideas’ from some so-called expert advisors in the tech scene down here. These guys are not investors, they are not users, they haven’t really ran a business to a remarkable level, they are not even making anything happen in particular but they are just good at criticizing and that’s all!

They are quick to jump at a fresh guy discussing their ideas with them to label it re-cycled Ideas. I even read one that sounded very intelligent with a lot of twitter followers urging investors to stop investing in re-cycled ideas, he’s not an investor himself!

Dear start-up entrepreneur, do not let anybody discourage you! Facebook didn’t invent social networking yet they are making billions, Google didn’t invent search, yet they are are part of top 20 most-valuable companies in the world, MTN Nigeria didn’t invent GSM, yet they make tons of turnover in trillions of naira year-on-year in Nigeria. So much ado about recycled ideas!

Everybody can’t buy from one brand and one brand cannot take over the whole market when it is not a monopoly. I dare to say that is a recycled idea of, Konga and Jumia are recycled ideas of Amazon, Paga is a recycled idea of m-Pesa, Medium is a recycled idea of Wordpress but here I am using Medium because it is so smooth to write on… so are you comfortable now?

Go for that idea! Don’t let little minds call it re-cycled. If you can’t get the remarkable head-spinning idea, what you should be looking out for instead are little advantages called unique selling proposition that can come in form of geographical dominance, better software, faster turn-around times and a bunch of advantages. Just make it better, or faster, or easier, or cheaper or the four combined.

What most silly critics (or start-ups) don’t know is that no matter how head-spinning your idea is, a competitor can catch-up with you in 1 year or less (if you don’t have a patent). The MOST important innovation you will need to go far are the little changes and tweaks that you make everyday or every week or every month on your start-up.

Before Uber, we had EasyTaxi in Nigeria, why is Uber gaining traction? Before Redeemed Christian Church of God (in Nigeria) we had Catholics, why is the expressway blocked during Redeemed Church conventions? Wake up! Go for the idea! I’m that guy that is also always looking for that landmark idea that will spin heads too but I’m balanced about it. I’m in the branding and advertising industry where I am totally re-cylced if you will call it that, however I run a business that does tons of tens of millions annual turnover and employ 10+(direct & indirect) staff. In a supposed recession, we have added 3 new staff and we are recycled. Lol! I write mad code too, watch out for some upcoming ideas :)

If you are really waiting to spin heads, it is only the heads that doesn’t know it already exists somewhere else that gets a spinner really! Almost, nothing is new under the Sun!

Go for It. Recycled Or Not. Just have some USPs working for you.

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