Git Got Easier

Today, the third day of Andela boot camp got tougher as expected and it was even worse for me because I had spill overs. I was unable to complete the output that I was supposed to submit the previous day but instead of leaving it, I decided to make sure I complete it and have my LFA(Lead Facilitator Assistant) review it.

I had to write an OOP program that would model a real life scenario and I decided to model a Warrior, it’s a nice idea, but It was tougher than I expected. I spent a lot of time working on it, I am not really good with OOP, but I was eventually able to complete it and now I am better with OOP programming (thanks to Andela).

Using Git along with my project has always been very challenging; it’s a new tool that I had to learn and implement in my projects. I tried to implement Git when I was working on my first project, an aritGeo program that tells if a sequence is geometric or arithmetic and it was not just easy. My workflow was very bad and I did not even bother myself, after all, I got something working.

After my LFA reviewed the project, he made a lot of correction and I knew I just have a lot to still learn. At some point, I thought of ignoring Git in my projects because I encountered a lot of error, but my LFA won’t just allow that, there is so much emphasis on this Git thing.

I met my LFA and other LFAs times without numbers for them to help me out with Git issues and they were all ready to accept me and do the best they can for me. After absorbing all these lessons, I decided to make sure to fully implement Git in the OOP program. It took me a lot of time but I did it, I was able to create all the necessary branches, also used good branch names, wrote pull requests with the conventions we were given and merge branches when needed.

Now, I am able to identify by myself, the importance of Git in my projects and I would make sure to always use Git in my projects. Thanks to Andela and all the LFA that assisted me achieve this, #TIA.

My experience so far in the Andela boot camp 26 does not have a precise answer, sometimes its tough and sometimes it easy, sometimes I have to do a lot myself and sometimes there is just more than enough LFAs around me to help me, sometimes it’s a busy mood and sometime it’s fun especially when in the skill session with Newman. But one thing I know for sure is that even if I don’t qualify to be an Andela fellow after this boot camp, I would have learnt a lot.