I Never Knew it Would be This Tough

I remembered how happy I was when I received the invitation for Andela boot camp 26. I had spent couple of weeks with the home-study curriculum and also finished the home-test in a day, I knew I should definitely get an interview. The simplicity of the home-study test and the technical challenges, the cool looks on the face of the of the interviewers gave me a very wrong believe about the boot camp. Though Andela said things would get tougher in the emails they sent, but I was still confident about my skill. I had the full conviction that I am better than anything Andela has to test me with.

A week before the boot camp Andela sent me an email with content describing all the activities of the boot camp. After going through the email, I got scared, I was like:

“how does Andela expect me to complete this in two weeks, this is totally impossible.”

But after going through the growth mindset video and knowing that everything is still JavaScript, I summoned my courage and I began to work, after all I am really determined about being admitted to Andela.

There was a challenge a week before the boot camp to create some templates. Though I have being working with JavaScript for long but I am not just a fan of css, now I have no choice but to learn it and not just css alone, but a framework, Materialize. I spent the rest of the week learning Materialize and a day to the first day of the boot camp, I created all my templates.

The first day in Andela was fun and at the same time tedious. I presented my templates to my LFA(Learning Facilitator Assistant) and he was happy with it, but he gave me a lot of feedback which I needed to work upon. After that we had an official welcome along with a lot of explanation about the boot camp with another facilitator, Philip Newman, it was really fun. From our discussion, I discovered that there is just a lot more to learn. I thought materialize would be the end of my struggle but, I was wrong, it was the beginning.

I had to write a blog post and also a JavaScript function with TDD(Test Drive Development) style before 4:30pm. I have never written a blog post before and also I have not heard about this TDD something throughout my entire programming life. Anyway I started learning, I own my own learning. I was able to submit the my outputs the next morning. Though my LFA complained about my late submission, but I was still happy about my submission.

It was not just all about task, there was a lot that added to the way I think and my beliefs. Before this training, I did not really much value seeking feedback from people on projects. After going through the skill session on seeking feedback, I realized that I have been doing something very wrong and I told myself that no matter how small the project I am working on is, I would always seek feedback.

Today, the second day of the boot camp is even tougher, it is supposed to be an home session but Andela allowed me and my fellow boot campers to come and make use of their resources. I had already spent part of the time I had today on yesterdays task. I discovered that I am poor with time management even though Andela is super tasking us, but since I already had a growth mindset(thanks to Andela), I am ready to do anything to fix that and make sure today won’t be like yesterday.

My experience so far has been a mixture of fun and work, concentration and frustration, stress and relaxation and a lot more. However, I so much love this process because I am doing things that I would normally belief I can’t(Andela helped me discover myself).