My Experience In Andela Bootcamp So Far

Andela bootcamp28 started on the 23rd of October 2017. After some rigorous selection process, I was selected to be among those that would be in the last stage of Andela’s recruitment process, the bootcamp. Learning in the best condition and from the best teachers, world class developers, is something any aspiring developer would want and fortunately for me, I achieved it.

Today is the fourth day of the bootcamp and I must confess that I have really gained a lot from the past four days at the bootcmap. However, this is not my first time in the bootcamp, I was also in the bootamp26 but was not good enough to be selected as an Andela fellow. So, in this blog post, I would be sharing some the experience I have had in this bootcamp.

The first one is something any other bootcamper would say, the bootcamp very stressful. Well, it is not like Andela wants to fail us but the philosophy behind the super tedious curriculum which i also believe in it is to know how much we can cope and meet expectation in very difficult situations. We are to build a functional web application within two weeks using standard development tools and best practices. For some of us that we might be totally new to all these tools, we would beneeding to learn how to use some of these tools in the shortest time.

Secondly, the kind of push that Andela gave me made me realize just how much I am capable of doing. Before now, I really don’t like doing anything in the front end of web development because I am not a fan of design, I just like coding. But we were required to design some UI templates as the pre-bootcamp week challenge; I was forced to do something on the front end. When I started, I thought my design was going to be really awful but after utilizing the resources Andela has provided as part of the training, I was able to get something really cool, though it might not be to a standard designer. You can check it here.

There is a very strong sense of collaboration in the bootcamp. Everybody in the bootcamp is connected together on a slack workspace, this enable collaboration with one another when needed and also fosters learning the more. Whenever there is something I am not getting right, I simply ask for help in one of the slack channel, surprisingly, somebody else would have had that same or similar issue and figured it out already then he would be so glad to share his solution. This has really helped me move faster on my project.

Finally, there is something I have learnt from Andela itself which is Structured Learning. The kind of structured learning that Andela uses to train us is what makes the bootcamp really interesting to me. This structured learning makes me grade myself even before my LFA(Learning Facilitator) gives me any feedback, it helps me know what to do at a particular time. In fact anybody can take curriculum of the bootcamp and use it as a guide to train his/her self and I am very sure that such a person would not remain the same after completing all the outcomes.

I can’t find a particular word to describe my experience in the boot camp so far, however it has really been a beautiful one and I hope to be able to experience more by advancing to the second week and eventually being selected as an Andela fellow.