I risked a great career to launch my startup but today I’m happy

Hello my name is Clément (AKA Paul for my US friends), 27 years old, married, no kids. I used to work for one of the biggest worldwide corporation in the Habitat market. Now I work in my startup and I’m happy.

One year ago, after 4 years spent working dedicating countless hours of service for this company as Web project manager, I decided to quit! I woke up this morning and I felt deepest in me that I was not happy. My boss, was this kind of person that won the position because she knew somebody. She didn’t has the competencies to run the team. I remember, when I arrived that day at work, I wad decided to quit. I turned on my computer I wrote my resignation letter and decided to print it. However, the printer didn’t work. At this moment, I asked myself, are you taking the good decision? What will happen next? Will I ever find this kind of position? What if it’s a sign of god to not quit? I just bought an apartment and my wife doesn’t earn as much as I do. If I quit I will not get my unemployment benefit.

Whatever, I worked until launch time. After launch time, a colleague came I asked me, “Are you going to quit?” How did she knew?! Well she found my resignation letter in the printer. I finally said “No, it was made under the influence of emotion”. Later that same day, my boss asked for an face to face interview. I was a bit stress, but my work was on track, my clients were happy. So did she saw my resignation letter?!

In fact, she asked for an meeting because instead of working from home only the morning (as requested and validated), I decided to stay all day from home in order to avoid spending time in the transportation. I knew I had to inform her of this change of plan, but come on, it was not that dramatic. I had few meetings that day. She was talking to say how bad it was, blablabla, and I waited until she was done. Once she was done, I just said “I quit” and waited for her reaction. I was expecting something else but she only said “OK”. F*CK IT I gave my resignation letter and it was done.

In the same time I was working with two friends on a new tech, that was exciting but was not doing well. We already launch the product in beta and had few users but we didn’t earn any money with this. However we all have the same feeling about our work and this excitement with this project. Finally we all quit and start working full time on this project.

In few month Tunnello was born, a new kind of VPN, faster, lighter, simple to use. It’s based on a new tech that make it almost impossible to block. After few months a famous french blogger started to talk about us on his blog. In one day we reached 5000 registration, it was amazing. After few months we went on ProductHunt. We reached 20K registration the same day. We received a lot of message worldwide of support and admiration.

The French Tech, Product Hunt, even the VP of engineering of Slack

Today, we still don’t earn money but we are happy. We have currently 320K users worldwide, we hired two trainees and we do the job that we love. Every morning I wake up and I’m happy to work.


My name is Clément and I co-founded Tunnello, 27 years old and HAPPY!