Technology in Education

In the 21st Century the world is very different and easy for us to live. There are electronic devices all around us. Helping us to live easier. But there is one place to use them. For educational purposes.

The best place to use these devices are at schools. Many brands has apps for school use. Like an example Apple. Apple has released an app for school use for iPads. iPad’s are the best devices to use at school. The app is ClassWide. The teacher and the students. Teacher can track which student is in which app and what are they doing.

Also there are 3D printers for printing 3D stuff and models. All children needs to learn these stuff for the future. All of this technology is going change at the Future. BUT they need to learn because these technology improvements are like stairs. They are going one stair to one stair. They will learn every stair. Like building robots from Lego’s mindstorm robot or Creating serious stuff with the Arduino Boards or building mini apps with the Raspberry Pi!

There are unlimited sources for children to learn these kinds of stuff.