Redesign concepts for popular websites #5

This is definitely the coolest designs ever I’ve seen in my life. I like Spotify, Google and the Pokémon redesign. Hope these will be real soon. Current designs on the real deal are extremely low-quality. Google is “Still” not using Material design on every product they’ve made. It’s been 2 years Google since you’ve released Material Design just use it. If I had a company like Google, I will definitely use Material Design on every product I have in only 1 year. Now, this is Google let’s come to Spotify. Current Spotify design is a mess let’s be honest, on android Spotify still is not using Material Design components, on computers like Mac or Windows it should be using more modern design like the one you guys did (Spotify Redesign). Pokémon Go, it’s design is good currently but it can get better with the redesign. Hope these products will be redesigned soon.