Introducing TurboStarter

Introducing TurboStarter

TurboStarter is a new multi-chain LaunchPad that provides a one-stop solution for innovative projects wanting tolaunch on all major blockchains and popular CEX smart-chains. This new approach significantly improves project launch efficacy while also providing flexible distribution options with fairness and efficiency.


How to raise funds efficiently is crucial for innovative projects. However, the current chaotic state of the IDO market is stifling true innovation. For example, currently, IDOs are mostly limited to the Ethereum network, putting a virtual stranglehold on innovation.

These are the problems that TurboStarter is trying to solve:

  • High user participation barrier: users must meet the number of staking and time requirements, as well as switch between blockchains to participate
  • Allocation fairness: Whales and “IDO scientists” frequently take advantage of high-quality project allocation.
  • Compliance issues: High KYC costs for innovative projects, as most do not include KYC modules
  • Limiting future CEX offerings: Following the IDO, project expansion and CEX issuance opportunities are frequently constrained by community traffic.

The TurboStarter Solution

TurboStater is a one-stop multi-chain LaunchPad that offers flexible distribution models to tokens & NFTs, allowing teams to raise funds for their projects in an efficient, secure, and user-friendly manner.

In response to these challenges for users and innovative projects, TurboStarter will employ an innovative model to provide the following benefits:

Without the need to move assets between blockchains, users from multiple chains can participate a project launch activities from other chains by using their native tokens/coins.

Allocation is based on the amount and duration of a user’s staking history, with a lottery mechanism in place to prevent whales and “IDO scientists” from disrupting the market.

The TurboStarter platform includes a KYC module to ensure that projects and token sale participants have passed a rigorous KYC process.

TurboStarter’s partnerships with major exchanges allow innovative projects on the platform to gain more exposure and access to fast-track opportunities.

How it works

TurboStarter offers various Staking-based tokens and NFT allocation models to help projects deploy IDO/IGO/INO.

TurboStarter’s unique cross-chain aggregation function allows tokens to swap to major exchange smart chains so as to maximize sales coverage. The mechanism is depicted in the diagram below:

In the chart above, T-Value is the sales allocation reference indicator. A user’s T-Value is determined by the amount and duration of eco-tokens staked (e.g., DEX tokens or blockchain-native tokens); the higher the T-Value, the more likely the user will receive sales allocation.


TurboStater is dedicated to developing a more adaptable, efficient, and compliant launch platform that enables projects that provide real innovation value to move forward at full speed.

Welcome to join us to accelerate the ideas of tomorrow.



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